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Project overview

A personnal endeavor dedicated to crafting my portfolio, meticulously designed to echo my unique style, featuring earthy tones and a comforting ambiance

What I used


Tailwind CSS


Website design & coding


Spring, 2023

Moodboard Inspiration

I wanted to feel at ease and relaxed when looking at my website. Nature and soft colours were my go to for this design.

Gabrielle's portfolio website moodboard


I used Figma to craft the mockup of my portfolio. I initially intended to design a logo, which is features in the middle of the navbar on the mockup. However, later in the process, I opted for a more minimalist approach. I removed the central logo and instead, my first name became the logo.


Custom theme

In the context of this website project, my aim was to fashion a unique WordPress theme, using Tailwind CSS. To kickstart the process, I opted for a WordPress starter theme equipped with all the fundamental files required. From this starting point, I worked in a local development environment to refine and evolve my custom theme. Then I update the live custom theme each time a feature is done.

Never done

My portfolio will always have something new across the weeks. I will add animations here and there, little by little. New content will also be added from time to time. Once I will be happy with the results, I will redo my portfolio, using React.js this time. It will be a new start and I can not wait to begin.